Pikeminnow Fishing 2013 XXXIII

August 25th
It was a cold and rainy morning as we launched from Cascade Locks boat ramp before dawn. No sooner were we launched that the sum came up, illuminating gray skies and thick fog that blanketed the dark green forests lining the shores of the Columbia River.
Initially, we tried fishing near Red 14 but didn’t get anything. So, we moved up to the curve at the top of Stevenson, Washington. Norm caught one fine fish, a big bruiser, but that was it. After an hour of fishing there, we moved down to the “No Boats Beyond The Point” sign above Bonneville Dam, but the fishing was slow there, as well.
It seemed to me that rain usually turns on the fish bite, but not today. Of course, river current or temperature or barometric pressure could all have been a part of what makes fish lethargic at times. It’s hard to tell, but something or some set of things was telling the fish to lay low today.
At about 10 a.m. the west wind kicked in, making it an unpleasant and somewhat dangerous time to be on the river. Waves started rising. One even came over the bow of Discovery, which completely took us by surprise. The boat sits so high out of the water, neither of us imagined a wave crashing over the bow was a remote possibility.
By day’s end, Norm had four pikeminnows and I had five. We returned to camp feeling like we had not accomplished much in exchange for our time on the water.
In the evening we talked fishing and drank whiskey until ten o’clock, the went to our respective tents and to bed for the night.

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